Structural Engineer Inspections and Plans

There are many structural engineering inspection firms in South Florida. What separates our company from the rest is that we are also a construction firm. This allows us to have hands-on and practical experience in providing you with a reliable inspection and report.

Why hire a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E) for an inspection when buying a property?

You’ve finally found a piece of property that just might be the one for you. You even go so far as to hire an inspection company to give the building a thorough examination from top to bottom looking into every nook and cranny. Once you get the report back from your inspection company, you see something unexpected: your inspector points out a strange crack, damage to a beam, or some other unexpected item of concern. Your inspector then suggests having a structural engineer take a look at it, to determine if it’s of any structural significance. That’s the time to reach out to a Professional Engineer to do a Visual Structural Inspection focusing on the specific area(s) of concern. This inspection will let you know if you have a serious structural issue on your hands or not, as well as give you recommendations on how to address it. A Professional Engineer’s signed and sealed report is an excellent tool to have when making such an important investment.

Why hire G. Batista & Associates?

  1. Batista & Associates is a full service MEP / Structural Engineering consulting firm located in Broward County. We strive to provide what typical engineering companies do not by providing cost competitive work with outstanding customer service for our clients. This is why we continue to receive repeat business and referrals from many of our past clients.

Where does G. Batista & Associates offer his services?

Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida. Because we also have in-house Contractors with years in South Florida, we combine our total expertise to provide you with an efficient design. These designs are especially made for South Florida.

Let's Explore G. Batista & Associates

  • Insurance Loss Inspections
  • Residential or Commercial Inspections
  • Unsafe Structure consultation
  • Wind Load calculations and other design for window and door assemblies to be installed.