Forensic Engineering Expert Witness Services

What is Forensic Engineering?

Generally speaking, Forensic Engineering is the application of engineering principles to the investigation of failures and other performance problems. However, in GB&A’s case, our Forensic Engineering services are geared towards providing an inspection, performing an analysis based on our findings during the inspection, and finally an engineering report.  We also provide expert witness services.  This data will be used to provide supporting evidence that is typically used in rulings for insurance disputes or construction defect claims.  

What sets GB&A apart?

GB&A’s President, Greg Batista, is both an experienced contractor and engineer with world-class experience and qualifications in both.  This unique background is second to none when dealing with matters that involve both engineering and construction as in the case of inspection claims and disputes. Click HERE to read more about Mr. Batista’s experience and background. 

Secondly, while most large Forensic Engineering firms only provide this one service, GB&A is currently active in both the engineering and construction industries and has a hands-on approach to their forensic investigations.  In other words, we provide real-world construction estimates and analyses for repairs, and integrated engineering capabilities not seen in our competition.  We provide hands-on and active expertise in both fields which lends more know-how and credibility to our findings and to our case. 

What we offer

burned out house

Property Damage

Our engineers have extensive experience in the evaluation of damage to residential and commercial properties. From construction defects, fires, flood, and electrical failures to damage from natural disasters.

Property Damage

Loss Evaluation

Our forensic engineers conduct a thorough assessment of the damages and their causes to determine the cost of the damages. Likewise, our engineers serve as expert witnesses in claims and litigation procedures.


Claims and Disputes

GB&A helps customers prepare and analyze construction claims. We have a highly specialized team to help you in the aspects of construction claims, construction accidents, and construction dispute resolution.

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