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Tools for 40 year inspections
Tools for 40 year inspections

So you are looking for information on 40 Year Recertifications in Broward and Dade Counties in Florida.  You are in luck. If you are reading this web page then you are one of the hundreds of people in Broward and Dade counties in Florida that have to do this important inspection every year.  Simply put, a 40 year inspection is an inspection that is required when a building turns 40 years old and every 10 years thereafter.

Note that only commercial and multi-unit buildings are required to have this important inspection performed.  There are certain exceptions to this rule and you should be able to ask the Building Department in order to ensure that you indeed have to do this inspection.

The inspection is supposed to be done by a Florida licensed engineer or architect.

Why do I have to do a 40 year inspection?
What does the inspection involve?
I know I need the 40 year recertification. What do I do now?
Why do I have to do a 40 year inspection?

You might be asking yourself why one needs to do this 40 year inspection. The answer comes down to one word “safety”. These 40 year inspections are required by law and are enforced in order to keep buildings safe. These inspections contain a list of certain items that must be investigated and checked.

What does the inspection involve?

On the surface, the inspection is rather simple. But, Although seemingly straightforward, it takes an experienced professional to perform the inspection. That person must carefully inspect the property and properly identify the problems.The inspector can also provide you with valuable feedback as to the best way to perform the repairs. At the most basic, a 40 year recertification involved two types of inspections – an electrical inspection and a structural inspection.

I know I need the 40 year recertification. What do I do now?

You must hire a licensed professional as mandated by law. In short, the hiring of an inspector would basically be the same as hiring a plumber or an accountant.You should invest some time by investigating the person and the company. You should also make sure that they are properly licensed and insured. Moreover, you should ask if they have Errors and Omissions insurance since this is the hallmark of a serious and established engineering company.

A 40 year recertification does not have to be convoluted if you hire the right people. Additionally, the folks at the Building Departments are typically very helpful when you ask them for help. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing…buildings that are safe for our tenants, friends, residents and the public in general.

Looking to hire the right professional? Hire G. Batista & Associates

Greg Batista, PE, CGC
Greg Batista

If you are looking at other companies that provide this important inspection service, ask them...

  1. Do they provide the Structural AND Electrical inspection and expertise IN-HOUSE?.... We DO!- This keeps our costs low since we don't have to subcontract these services to others.
  2. Do they provide a list of repairs (if needed) included in the same price?.... We Do!
  3. Do they provide IN-HOUSE structural and electrical professionals that can provide recommendations for repairs (if needed)?... We Do!
  4. Have they been performing these inspections for more than a decade?... We Have!
  5. Do they have a long list of Satisfied Customers which can be called as a referral?... We Do!
  6. Do they have full-time certified inspectors and full-time Professional Engineers on Staff?... We Do!

We have inspected thousands of properties in South Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami, Aventura, Sunny Isles, and many others.

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