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Basic types of professionals

Most people do not have the experience to manage a construction project. It takes lot of experience to properly navigate through the maze that a construction project can be. Consequently, a construction monitoring firm can offer many benefits. There are two basic types of professionals that can assist you on a construction project. These are as follows: Project Manager (also known as a Construction Manager) and Owner's Representative.


Construction Monitoring Benefits

Safety - The Owners Representative will notify subcontractors of any unsafe practices.
Security - This construction professional will verify milestones before payment are made.
Scheduling - They will also ensure that the job done in timely manner.
Quality - He will also make sure the job is completed as per the plans.
Project Management - They will also manage the administrative side of the contract including change orders.
Last but not least, an Owner's Representative will set up the job correctly at the beginning.  Typically, if a project begins on the wrong foot, then it will likely end that way.  The adverse costs to the Owner are immeasurable.

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What are the Costs?

Typically, the costs for hiring an Owners Representative depends mostly on the size of the job.  Correspondingly, large jobs require more attention.  The costs are also affected by the complexity of the project.  Most Project Managers are hired on an hourly basis for a specific set of tasks.  Other construction professionals  prefer to be hired at a lump-sum monthly rate.  In fact, these terms are typically negotiable to suit your needs.  Either way, it is important that your Construction Consultant provides you with a detailed breakdown of his duties and tasks.

Needless to say, one should invest some time into finding the right professional.  A quick search on LinkedIn, Google, and a DBPR licensee can yield interesting information.  Finally, you should always ask for references.

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