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... Save yourself headaches and save time and money! We provide all design services in house!


GB&A specializes in new custom homes, single family renovations, custom homes, mixed-use communities, as well as commercial adaptive reuse and renovations. Our combination of inspired design and process guidance is a significant and clear differentiator. We provide not just quality, tailored, contextual and sustainable design services, but a unique means of managing the process from start to finish which assures a level of benefit not found elsewhere.

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How We Work

We will visit with you on-site, listen to your concepts, examine the existing conditions and ask questions from a variety of viewpoints that often need to be considered in similar projects. We will make sketches, help complete your building program ideas and discuss with you the options and obstacles as well as the process of producing contracts documents suitable for permitting, bidding and contracting.

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What We can Accomplish

First, we answer questions about your building needs and initial concepts and very often will discover some very useful new ideas and money saving concepts along the way. We will examine your site for conditions that may need special consideration in your design concept that may cost you more than you thought. In code-intensive Florida, we will consider how local building codes, sub-division covenants and regulations may apply to your particular case.

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