Owners representative

What is an Owners representative in construction?

By Greg Batista, PE | April 15, 2019

Simly put, and Owner’s Representative is a person that represents the Owner on a construction project. This may seem like a simplistic and obvious answer, but given many players that can be involved on a project and its legal and logistical complexities, then the answer may not be as straight-forward. For example, if the Owner hires an Architect to take care of the project and […]

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Why do I have to do a 40 year inspection?

By Greg Batista, PE | February 28, 2019

He received the notification and now he wonders why one needs to do this 40 year inspection. You may also wonder why you have to spend your hard earned money to do this. The answer is reduced to one word. That word is “security.” Throughout the years, buildings in South Florida (namely in Broward and Dade counties) undergo changes. Indeed, the ravages of time take […]

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Sample of a Parking Garage

Concrete Repairs on Parking Garage Structures

By Greg Batista, PE | August 6, 2018

Introduction Parking garages are very distinct structures form all the other structures out in the world. These structures have large beams and columns and thick slabs that are designed to withstand the daily weight of thousands of heavy vehicles. Furthermore, the vast majority of parking structures are open which means that they are in direct contact with the open air.  The weather and chlorides that are present […]

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Basics on Photometric Study for your 40 Year Recertification

Basics on Photometric Study for your 40 Year Recertification

By Greg Batista, PE | July 25, 2018

The Basics A few years ago, Cities began to require that photometric studies be done for parking lots within properties as part of the 40 year recertifications.  You will ask yourself “Why?”.  The answer is very simple. Let me begin by defining what a photometric study is.  A photometric study is a survey of the lighting levels in your parking lot.  Light intensity is measured […]

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choose an engineer

How to choose an engineer for your concrete restoration project?

By Greg Batista, PE | June 24, 2018

Introduction Choosing the right engineer is vital to a concrete repair project.  You can compare your engineer to a head coach of a basketball team. The coach teaches and advises the team members on the best approach to compete.  He can also present a plan that will ensure ultimate victory.  Therefore, it is important to hire your coach at the very beginning of the repair […]

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How to Hire An Engineer to do your 40 year Recertification

Guide on How to Hire An Engineer to do your 40 year Recertification

By Greg Batista, PE | June 3, 2018

The Beginning You have received your notice in the mail and are asking yourself “what is a 40 Year Recertification?”.  Before you proceed to read this blog, make sure you know what a 40 Year Recertification is first.  Once you know the answer, you can then proceed with the next step.  Obviously, you must find a qualified professional to do this work. This blog will […]

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Choosing the Engineer

What is Concrete Spalling?

By Greg Batista, PE | May 27, 2018

Florida is a great place to live.  First, you have the beautiful beaches. Second, you have great weather throughout the year.   Third, you have great architecture that includes art-deco to modern styles.  However, these positive traits come with their fair share of problems.  The high concentration of “salt air” can seep into the  concrete over time. Eventually, the salt air damages the steel inside […]

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G. Batista and Associates Books

How much does a 40 Year Recertification cost?

By Greg Batista, PE | May 15, 2018

If you are reading this blog, then you have received your notice to perform a 40 Year Inspection.  Simply put, a 40 Year Recertification is an inspection that is required by the State of Florida when a building turns 40 years old.  Additionally, you must to inspections every 10 years thereafter.  You can find a lot of information on the web that will help you […]

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This is a Glass Curtain wall system

Is Your Curtain Wall Leaking?

By Greg Batista, PE | May 2, 2018

What is a Glass Wall? What is a Glass Wall? Glass walls (or Curtain Walls) is a system of glass panels that cover a building.  The featured image on this post is an example of a Curtain Wall system.  Curtain walls differ from regular windows in that they fit to the outside of the building instead of fitting inside a concrete opening.  These glass systems […]

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House for marketing


By Greg Batista, PE | October 10, 2017

GB&A completed this year its first Green project as the LEED Consultant. This project was a TD Bank building in North Bay Village, Florida. It has obtained the Gold Certification by the United States Green Building Council.

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